All polishes are primers

All polishes are primers (ish)

Your nail is a chemical right? (keratin) If you didn’t know that, you should go and read last weeks blog again then join us here in  few minutes.

Nail polishes are also a chemical and it reacts with your nail causing a chemical reaction to occur.  Thus the chemicals in the nail polish need to stick to the chemicals on your nail plate.

So, thats the beginning.

Your base coat moisturises and nourishes the nail bed but also contains a small concentration of the chemicals present in your colour coat.  We call this process ‘priming a surface’, if your dad does a lot of shed pottering, he can tell you more.

A good nail tech will always paint the first layer of colour thinly.  Why? because it’s again acting as a primer (getting the surface ready) for the main coat to come.  By the time the main colour coat comes, the nail plate has been prepared and a cushion of ever more concentrated layers of paint chemicals.

Top coat seals in all the coloured goodness and protects it from the sun and air.  For a just left salon look, return to your local Amy’s nail salon every 2 days for reapplication of top coat or buy a top coat to top up at home (we will show you how)



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