All you need to know about CND Shellac

How long does CND Shellac last for?

14days+ on fingers and 28days+ on toes.  However, you will notice a gap as your natural nail grows away from the cuticle. It is recommended that you book your re-Shellac appointments bi-weekly for the best results.

Does CND Shellac removal damage the natural nail?

No, not as long as the proper CND Shellac removal protocol is used – cotton & foil removal method,  CND Shellac was developed and tested for years to perfect every aspect of the service, including removal.

Can CND Shellac be mixed with “gel polish” systems?

CND Shellac cannot be mixed or layered with other brand’s base coats, top coats or colours, doing so will compromise the quality of the service.

Are there any negative side effects of the frequency of removal with CND Shellac?

No, not as long as the system is used correctly. We highly recommend using cuticle oil daily to keep nails conditioned.

Is CND Shellac hypo-allergenic?

Yes, a very low level of photo-initiators is used in CND Shellac. Photo-initiators can lead to sensitivity with some clients.

Can I remove my own CND Shellac?

No. To ensure the health of the natural nail, CND Shellac is a professional service and only trained Nail Professionals should apply and  remove CND Shellac.

Can CND Shellac be used over my nail enhancements (acrylics or gel)?

Yes. CND Shellac adds long-lasting colour to any type of nail enhancement.

Will soaps or other personal grooming products effect the wearability of CND Shellac?

No. CND Shellac was developed and tested to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

How do I keep my nails moisturised and hydrated?

Use cuticle oil daily to keep nails & cuticles moisturised.

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