• About your threading service…

  • Threading is when a thin cotton thread is doubled, then twisted & then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair from the follicle.
  • It is recommended for those who are unable to have waxing, or have sensitive skin.

  • After your threading service…

  • After threading services your skin may redden, this is called erythema and will usually fade within a few hours.
  • It is recommended that no make-up, perfumes or moisturisers are applied to the threaded areas for 12-24 hours.
  • Heat treatments (sun beds, exposure to the sun) or hot showers is also not recommended 12/24 hours after threading treatments.


Individual Eyelash Extensions

Lash Perfect individual eyelash extensions are semi permanent and can last up to 4+ weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle. To keep your lashes at their very best, we recommend infill maintenance every 2-3 weeks. With expert application by a Lash Perfect trained technician and by avoiding the use of oil-based eye products, these eyelash extensions behave just like natural lashes and achieve a thicker, fuller and more flattering look.

  • Before your Lash Perfect service…

  • Please ensure you have see one of our Lash Perfect technicians for a consultation & a patch test at least 24hrs prior to appointment.
  • No make-up or oil based products (drops, creams ect) applied to or around the eye area.
  • Contact lenses are removed (please bring glasses with you for after your treatment).
  • Wear comfortable attire to relax in.

  • During your Lash Perfect service…

  • Eye pads will be applied under your eyes & over your bottom lashes.
  • Your eyes will be closed throughout the service.
  • Synthetic lashes are carefully attached to each individual natural lash using a medical grade adhesive.
  • Clients may request a completely silent treatment through their service, although relaxing music is provided.

  • After your Lash Perfect service…

  • Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours after application. Avoid saunas and steam for the first 2 days.
  • Do not pull or pick your lashes off or out-please contact the salon for a safe & quick removal.
  • Avoid oil based make up removers & removing any eye make up with cotton wool.
  • Carefully dry your lashes on a towel or soft cloth after showering/washing face
  • Do not use eyelash curlers on your lash extensions.
  • Lash extensions cannot be permed or tinted, please let us know if you require this service prior to Lash Perfect application.
  • Carefully groom your lashes with a small eyelash brush (provided after your service)


Lash & Brow Tinting

  • About your tinting service…

  • Tinting is a semi-permanent method to dye the hair on your lashes and/or eyebrows.
  • Eyelash tinting can be used to create a look of dark eyelashes without using mascara, available in light/dark brown, black or blueblack (perfect for blue eyes).
  • Eyebrow tinting can be used to create a more defined look of eyebrows without the use of brow pencils or make-up, and is available in light brown, dark brown or black.
  • *NEW* mahogany shade available for red-heads



  • Before your massage…
  • Dress comfy and simple avoid wearing your best clothes as excess oil may get on clothing from the massage.
  • Avoid heavy meals just before a massage as a side effect of a massage can be nausea.
  • We recommend clients use the restroom before the session as excess fluid will be flushed around the body from a massage as well as the treatments lasting up to 1hour 15 minutes.
  • What to expect from your massage…
  • First time clients will be taken through a quick consultation before the treatment is carried out.
  • The room will be darkened but with a small amount of light for relaxation, clients may request to have the lights on but we recommend a very dim lit room for maximum relaxation.
  • Clients may request a completely silent treatment throughout their massage, although relaxing music is provided.
  • Modesty is kept at all times, underwear is usually kept on but clients may wish to remove their bras and/or underwear.
  • What happens after your massage…
  • Clients are given a 15 minute rest period after treatment.
  • It is highly recommended to rest and drink plenty of water to re-hydrate.

Add a Face & scalp massage for +£5

Upgrade your treatment to a luxury candle massage, using a warm candle oil that provides extra nourishment & leaves your skin feeling & smelling gorgeous +£5

Luxury Manicure/Pedicure

  • Luxury Manicure…
  •  Nail shape/tidy, cuticle work, exfoliation, hand & arm massage, moisturising cream masque OR warm paraffin wax & a choice of Zoya toxin free colour Polish.
  • +£5 for French.
  • +£10 for CND Shellac.
  • Luxury Pedicure…
  •  Nail shape/tidy, cuticle work, hard/dry skin removal exfoliation, foot & leg massage, moisturising cream masque OR warm paraffin wax & a choice of Zoya toxin free colour Polish.
  • +£5 for French.
  • +£10 for CND Shellac.

Luxury Manicures & Pedicures are performed privately in our beauty rooms usually one client at one time.

Pedicure clients are advised to bring open toed shoes.