Laura’s Nail Art – March

You might think it’s a cold and grey month, but not on nails! I want to make it all about colour and introduce this amazing concepts in nail art for you this month.

As always, you get 50% off any of the featured designs this month.

Classic ombré – I love the word Ombre! It has that Va Va Voom. This classic fading together of two colours design has been a Nail Art staple for a long term. There has been somewhat of a resurgence in the last 12 months, with updated technology and creativity ensuring that this season’s ombre craze is going to stick around.

Geometric ombré – For the highest of artistic brows, we can take things to another level. Geometric patterns and their effecting simplicity have imprinted on culture throughout the history of human civilisation. In short we love regular patterns. Adding geometric shapes to ombre nails leaves a stunning visual effect that the eye keeps wanting to return to.

Broken glass effect – Oooooh. My favourite! I love it so much. Shatter the minds of your jealous friends with this impactive style. This smashed through into the mainstream last month but is still a bit of a secret to most people. If your friends like to show off their nails, chances are you will be first to flash this effect!

Together we can make this month really sunny and magical!

And remember you can choose your own colours, request adaptations and I will do everything I can to make the magic happen on your nails.

See you next month!