From Apprentice to Trainee Manager

Hi Michaella here. I was apprentice last year + already am a trainee manager!

I was very excited when I heard exactly the date we were opening Amy’s Nails Salon, we gave ourselves a very big challenge to complete the decoration in just one month!

But somehow we did it, and I couldn’t be more proud of Amy and how far she has come. Amy mentored me from the beginning and has been an inspiration to me so I couldn’t be more chuffed and excited to be able to work with Amy to succeed with the business and grow even more.

Throughout the decoration weeks, it was stressful I must say! with all the new stock that had to be sorted and ordered so quickly. I’ve been in charge of stock for 6 months and really enjoy indulging my OCD by making sure we got everything we need! Everyone worked so well and hard, we put all our thoughts together and we’ve made the salon how it looks now, but working as a team is what we do best and we couldn’t be happier.

Getting used to the new environment was easier than I thought! I did have to use Chris as my guinea pig to make sure I was able to get my head around where everything was. But being in the two different salons on different days is nice because its a different scenery and different people.

We are all so happy to be in Petersfield and I hope I have given you a little insight into how it seems from my perspective.

See you soon

Michaella Smart