Introducing Inga

Hello everyone, The team has asked me to introduce myself and my country for those of you I have not met yet.
My name is Inga and I started my journey very spontaneously. A tiny bit more than 5 years ago I came to England for a summer holiday (I often joke that I am still enjoying the holiday!)

I come from a small Eastern European country called Lithuania. Often people have no idea where it is, because they may never have heard of it. It is small, beautiful and very rich in culture and history. The capital, Vilnius, will celebrate its 400th birthday in 2018. Since we became an independent country our economy has grown really quickly. Our language is one of the oldest in Europe; spoken since 3500 B.C.

I can talk for hours about my country but I will stop for now and go back to my story

Some choices lead to others. I am a ‘love immigrant’. I followed my heart to the home of the man I love. I chose to study at a distance, rather than have a relationship at a distance. Great choice! I’m now happily married and have completed all my studies.

I have two degrees; one in Cultural and Entertainment Management and the other in Business Management and Administration. In the future I intend to do a Masters Degree as well. I like to constantly improve and learn but for now my academic career is resting.

Now you are shrugging your shoulders and thinking “with that education why are you working in the nail industry?” Nails are my craft and I’ve always been passionate about them. I have 10 years experience in this industry. When I first came to England, I couldn’t speak English which unsurprisingly left me with limited job opportunities. Finding a job that suited my studies felt like climbing Everest; people didn’t seem to care about my potential, ambition or capabilities, they just focussed on my current situation. I felt psychologically shattered and ready to give up. But sometimes in life you have to pause, take a few steps back and take a look at the path ahead, in order to move on.

18 mouths ago I found AMYS Nails, and I haven’t looked back. I am so grateful for the possibility to work and reach towards a career in both business and nails! I am now A Business Manager and Nail Technician.

Besides being a nail technician, my other role, within the business, is Human Resources. I assess all of our teams individual characteristics and ambitions, and then try to think of ways they can achieve them; to bring them up to a level that they never thought possible. At our Christmas meal, last year, I commented that “we are more than a team, we are a family” and I truly mean that, I love them all so much! The H.R. part of my role may not always be visible, but I want the whole team to know that I care about them and support them whatever they are doing, and whether I am in the salon with them or not.

One of my clients recently made me laugh. She said “this is a kind of psychotherapy and a nail service all at the same time”. Every member of our team cares about our clients; they talk and think about them all of the time and share in their happiness and pain.

Our clients trust us with their personal stories, so today I have shared passages/fragments from my life with you all… because the most important thing in life is to give, rather than take.

I send greetings to my loyal clients and invite any new followers to visit us in Alton, Petersfield or even the soon to be confirmed new shop (possibly Guildford or Farnham).

Best Regards