Laura’s Valentine News!

‘Valentines Nail Art Offer’

Hi It’s Laura. I am our Nail Art Specialist at Amy’s Nail Bar. I’m hoping to bring you a fab new theme to keep your nails fresh and on point. We will look at cutting edge designs and trends that are sweeping the industry… but this month, well there is only one place to start…

Valentines Day!

You might think it’s a boring month Nail Art wise, full of hearts, with not much colour choice..just red and white but you’d be wrong. There are so many modern twists you can add, so much light and shade to include. And who get’s bored of red nails? The classic symbol of love, of passion, of danger.

Already head over heels? or trying to attract the partner of your dreams? Let me cast a spell over your nails with a selection of romantic designs.

50% OFF Valentines themed Nail Art available during February 2017 for Nail Extension appointments with Laura. Catwalk nail designs that won’t break the bank. 5 pre-booked appointments available (deposit required). Call your salon of choice now to avoid disappointment.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you. Come to Amy’s Nails because we love you x

Valentine Nail Art Specialist