Long Nails

At Amy’s Nail’s we do extensions in all shapes and styles. Our clients that like long nails, heed the advice below and work with us to keep their natural nails as healthy as poss. But if your umming and ahhing about nail length…make like the film and ‘Get Shorty’.

As we have already learned, your nail plate is attached to living cells, connected with blood vessels and nerve endings. When you have an extension service you are adding extra weight to the nail plate. So every good technician will mimic evenly load-bearing shape of the natural nail plate.

The perfect acrylic extension will be thin at the base, with a little bit of thickness in the stress zone (see last week), then getting thinner at the tip (free edge). When you push the sides or tip, it should be rigid (non moving) but should look as thin and natural as possible.

If you have long nails, what’s the problem? I mean they are still a great shape right? The more length you add to an extension past the free edge, the more weight you are putting on the extension and the more pressure on the stress zone.

What happens when you join your friend on one side of the see-saw? the other side lifts more. And then, it’s get all Street-Fighter with the double-weight combo! Over time, the thickness of the extension around the stress zone grows to the free-edge and adds even more weight. Now the nail extension could be lifting like a world strong man.

Be skeptical of salons that claim extensions should not lift. Without maintenance, they should lift, (remember it begins long before it’s visible) and if they don’t, the salon are using strong products to negate that lift. But all the time the weight and pressure will still be growing on that natural nail.

What are the consequences? An increased chance of infection. More lifting means more space between the extension and your natural nail. If a food source gets in the gap, with some moisture…it’s all the mood music a greenie needs to go forth. Long term damage to the natural nail. Over years of bearing the extra weight, the growth patterns and density of the keratin cells maybe effected. Your nail tech going into a stress zone! More lifting means, more work for your nail tech. That hour infill, drifts towards 1 hour 30 mins.

For all of you that get all 90’s reggae when deciding on your extension nail length (La la la la long long le long long SING IT) note these words of caution and always follow your technicians advice.

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