Our Open Evening

At Amy’s Nails-Petersfield, we decided to stick to a tried and trusted method for our launch party, one that had worked perfectly for centuries before. Keep the speeches short and promise free booze.

Amy – Don’t forget the booze Chris, just remember the booze!

In all seriousness, this evening did give us a unique opportunity to thank our friends and family and show Petersfield what our business is all about.

Amy (Hide) and I (Chris Lewin), co-owners of ‘The Greener Nail Bar Ltd’ and ‘Amy’s Nails’, met through circumstance and a shared (though very different) focus on all things nails.

I’m the geek, knowing all the science and the inner workings of the nail. Passing a knowledge on to a team of technicians that can educate clients as well as complete services

Amy is the rock star, a natural artist with a flair for nail art and a natural and ever-present concern for keeping her clients happy.

Combined we have created a formula that makes us happy and enough people in Hampshire (so far) agree!

But first things first…opening night.

  • Will the floor be done?
  • Is your aunt coming?
  • Will the ventilation suppliers come along?
  • Can they do a demonstration?
  • Do we have paper cups?
  • Where are people going to sit?
Leading up to the big day the problems and worries come quicker than the solutions but all are underpinned by a growing sense of excitement.

Then the day itself comes. Though we had tried to close early in both salon’s, demand had seen us push it to the wire. Chris takes on the mantel of headless chicken and zips around various supermarkets on the whims of the text messages and phone calls flying in from the team.

Amy meanwhile calmly talks the team through their roles and responsibilities for the night. She has decided to do some nail art workshops so she can talk people through her the process of creation involved in her industry-leading nail art.

Chris finally arrives at 6pm (evening due to start at 6.15pm) confidently clucking about how everything had gone fine.

Amy’s eyes narrow

Where’s the booze Chris? I sprint straight back out the door!

The evening itself flew by in a whirr. The nervy moments when you are convinced no one will show. The unique exhilaration when people do. Michaella Ellan and Sabina, our beautiful team of technicians flitted around seamlessly catering for everyone. When it came to the speeches there were lots of tears and thanks.

As the last person left + the bin liners were out. 2 best friends, business partners look at each other and laugh.

Now the real work starts!