Price changes

From April 1st 2017, prices on most services will be raised by £1. Authentic CND Shellac painting services will increase by £2

This is a necessary increase to keep us viable moving forward and protect (and help prosper) the opportunities within the business. You may have seen on the news the furore about the Business Rates increases and we have been unbelievably hit in this area.

Since our rapid growth started 2 years ago. We have incurred the following increases in operating costs-

  • VAT registration. Instantly costing us 20% on everything with earn. Because we invest in people (rather than things), we have very limited expenses that we can claim back on.

  • 3 years in a row rates increases. 600% higher bill than 2 years ago (with the same amount of shops).

  • Losing Apprentice grants from the government which went towards the first 2 months of apprentice wages (whilst they are training).

  • Increases in prices from suppliers as future trading situation in U.S and Europe becomes uncertain..

  • We have digested the vast majority of these increased costs but cannot continue operating without taking this measure.

  • We try to run our business properly, we invest in ambitious people to enable them into successful careers.

  • This is the second consecutive year, we have had to make a slight incremental increase.

We hope that next year there can be some more sensible government decisions, which fuel the life of the town centre. If this is the case, we will freeze or reduce costs for clients at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for investment in our story, for your continued support. You are the best people to serve and we never take you for granted.

Chris and Amy.