Stress Zone

Biological Magic Trip. I can make your nails change colour.

Push the end of your nail (the white bit/free-edge) See it turn from pinky red to yellowy white? What’s with that?

Maybe another experiment will help…find a visible vein and apply pressure to it…see it almost go away? The layer of our skin that is dead is tiny (like an apple skin) and everything else is living, breathing, bleeding tissue….we can literally touch…

It’s the same with your nail.

Push the end and this white effect area the nail plate being prised up, the apex (centre point) of this effect is in the area called the stress zone. The keratin cells of our natural nail plate are at their strongest (closest together) at this area. Like an athlete in the Olympics, they are designed to be at their peak then….why?

Let’s go back to the classroom…well playground to be precise. A see saw is designed to have a big weight in the middle that keeps the whole objects structure when pressure is applied on each end.

The good news is…all this happens automatically…you never have to get stressed about your nails stress zone…but your nail tech does!

When crafting an acrylic nail extension, the nail tech must mimic the shape of the natural nail and create it’s highest density/weight in the middle of the extension. What happens if they don’t?

Back to the play ground….If your annoying older brother sat between the seat and the centre of the see saw, it wouldn’t work so well no? Put your plump cousin George on one end and Keira Knightly on the other and Keira is spending the whole time halfway to heaven. In essence, if we mess with this balance, we don’t get results (extensions that last) we don’t get the fun (extensions that have the wow factor) and over time we put the equipment at risk (damage to the natural nail plate)

We stress over the stress zone so that our nail extensions cause you as little stress as possible.

Regular infills to rebalance, keeping the technicians at Amy’s Nail’s informed of any knocks/trauma and continuing to allow us to serve you are your ways of thanking us : )