Whirlwind start to the summer

It’s been a whirlwind start to the summer. Our New Beautician in Alton, Lacy has lived up to her reputation as one of the best Level 3 Graduates in the region. Her detailed knowledge and calm professional approach is attracting lot’s of loyal customers. Lacy and Elysia will be bringing Beauty to our Petersfield Salon in the weeks to come : ) 

On the business side, we have been getting used to being newly registered for VAT (a cost we don’t pass on to our client’s) and working out how much we will be investing in addition training/opportunities for our team.

Our new apprentices also need a mention. Ellie has worked so hard in Alton, she is ready to be examined on 30% of beauty services before her lessons start at the college. Her natural passion, charisma and skill means that her training appointments are ridiculously popular. In Petersfield, Elysia is also joining us from Mid-July and (after working Saturdays) is chomping at the bit to match Ellie’s progress. 

We were also joined by Farrah this month and after 10 years of running salon’s in Iran, she is delighted to be charming customers in the UK as well. 

As for the rest of us, well, our commitment to the health and beauty of your nail unit remains the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Heres to a fantastic rest of the year.