Wow, a lot has been going on these past few months, we have had amazing new apprentices who have joined us, we have Ellie who started to work with us in March and Elysia soon after. Ellie is doing incredibly well with mastering Manicures and Pedicures and is now in the process of learning Shellac Manicures and is so far doing great work.

Both are very hardworking and looking forward to their futures with starting their apprenticeships full time in September. I am also excited for the future due to all the plans Chris and Amy have talked about. I also was over the moon when a client came in the other day and mentioned how long her Shellac had lasted with no chipping seeing as Shellac is called the ‘2 week Manicure’ and had lasted 4 weeks!
We are now starting to refurbish the Salon to mirror the new Petersfield Salon, it all started with the Amy’s Nails Sign which went up Friday the 8thand looks absolutely brilliant. I hope you all like and will come and visit us.

Michaella : )