Zoya Nail Polish. 5 things you might not have known.

1) Zoya costs us 30% more than OPI nail polish.

as our regulars are aware, we don’t cost our business with profits in mind. If we believe we have the best quality, we spend accordingly. Toxin-free Zoya polish, offer’s the safest, most durable and visually stunning finish we could find. No animals got cruellified, no earth got warmified during this process!

2) Zoya is a real woman.

Zoya was a beautician, her husband a scientist. When Zoya fell pregnant, she wanted to continue working. She couldn’t find an effective polish that was free of chemicals that she had read carried increased risks for unborn bubba. So hubby, developed Zoya. Quite literally a labour of love.

3) It’s all in the name.

Zoya did not know the success that was to follow. She originally started naming the polishes after important women in her life. As the popularity grew across America (and the world), this extended to include prominent female figures. Our popular shade Dannii for example is named after the Minogue who shares the name.

I’m loving Zoya’s great range of colours, from rich pinks and bold reds to dazzling electric blues and exotic purples. They’re perfect for toes and fingers – just make sure you mani/pedi beforehand, says Dannii in UK’s Glamour magazine.

4) Across the pond.

Zoya has a small growing profile in the UK. It’s known by models and fashionistas as a colour of choice on the catwalk. In America though, it’s a different story, rivalling OPI for it’s reputation and popularity. A designated UK distribution model has just been born and we hope the wider industry catches on (they are a secret we would be delighted to share)

5) Won’t find it anywhere else.

Part of the reason for the limited UK profile is that you won’t find Zoya on the High Street. Zoya only works with recognised professionals/salons. They provide a high-end product for high end consumers. But don’t despair, they are available for you to buy at Amy’s Nails £13 singularly or £20 a pair. Join the celebrity/fashion cult early with polish that (maybe quite literally) has your name on it.